Doterra YELLOW MANDARIN (supports healthy immune response) 5ML

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Doterra YELLOW MANDARIN (supports healthy immune response) 5ML
Doterra YELLOW MANDARIN (supports healthy immune response) 5ML Doterra YELLOW MANDARIN (supports healthy immune response) 5ML
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We are official Doterra Wellness Advocate .

*BEWARE OF online SELLERS selling DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS at low price.

There are many reports received these sellers are diluting the essential oils and reselling. These sellers tend to sell only essential oils and not other doterra products (ex: SPA, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste) because essential oil bottles are easy to dilute and re-seal. Those selling lower than member price could be fake / adulterated products.

BE A SMART USER and not just buy the cheapest product listed.

This involves your health -We are doTerra Wellness Advocate.

Chat with us if you have any questions about essential oils and will gladly help you.


What Is Yellow Mandarin Essential Oil Good For? 

When taken internally, Yellow Mandarin oil soothes the nervous system, supports healthy immune response, and promotes digestion.* Limonene, one of the two main chemical constituents in Yellow Mandarin, is cleansing. Clinical research shows that limonene supports a healthy metabolism and cellular function.* 

The sweet and refreshing scent of Yellow Mandarin creates an energizing and uplifting environment. When you need to create an atmosphere that is positive and cheerful, diffuse Yellow Mandarin.

How to Use Yellow Mandarin Oil

Because limonene is cleansing, Yellow Mandarin is a great oil to work into your natural cleaning routine. Plus, you'll love having its pleasant aroma lingering around the home when you’re done. 

To take advantage of the internal benefits of Yellow Mandarin while also enjoying its delicious and subtle citrus flavor, add a couple drops to your water. You could also put it in a smoothie or mix it in with yogurt and fruit. 

Another simple way to take it internally is in a veggie capsule. You can also put a few drops under your tongue. You might use one of these methods after trying a new type of food or eating a large meal.

For skin that looks healthy and clear, use Yellow Mandarin on your face. You can add a drop to your facial cleanser or wash off skin-toner. 

Because Yellow Mandarin is a citrus oil, it is important to avoid sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after applying it to the skin to avoid any photosensitivity. One way to do this is to use Yellow Mandarin during your evening skin care routine.


Usage Tips:

  • Add a drop to your water or smoothie.
  • Diffuse alone or with your favorite floral oil or fir oil.
  • Put a few drops at the bottom of your shower in the morning for a light, uplifting scent and natural steam facial.
  • Add several drops to a spray bottle with water for a natural cleaner. Add additional citrus oils you like for extra cleansing power.
  • Take 1–2 drops internally after a particularly large meal for digestive support.*


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